Invisible Arm Lift Surgery

Invisible Arm Lift Surgery: No Tilt, No Bending, No Contouring - Just Rest. A Brachioplastic (or Arm Lift) surgery is a cosmetic plastic surgery that accomplishes three things: reducing sagging skin which often hangs from the upper arm, lengthening the skin on the upper arm, and adding definition to the arm. You will feel immediate results after this surgery. Your skin will be tighter, your sagging will be less visible, and your upper arm will no longer droop. This article will explain how arm lift surgery works and how you can get a quick and safe treatment at home.

The cosmetic surgeon uses a variety of techniques to achieve the results of invisible arm lift surgery. There are two steps to the Brachioplastic procedure: the Soft Tissue Sutures and the Laser Sutures. Sutures consist of a laser or an instrument that creates small wounds in the loose skin on the upper arms, or other areas. These small wounds allow for proper access to the skin, which is then stitched closed. These sutures are removed once the healing process is complete.

The second step to invisible arm lift surgery is to remove the extra skin, or loose skin. After your surgery, your scar will be hidden by the new skin, and/or scar tissue. If your arm is drooping, you may have excess skin which needs to be taken off. To do this, your surgeon will make several incisions around the area you want the scar to appear; he will then use an instrument called an inflatable suture arbor, or an inflatable cut-and-hold plaster, to hold the tissue in place and to seal the incisions.

The final step of this cosmetic procedure is to fill in the incisions. It is normal for the skin to appear wrinkled and enlarged; however, if you have excess skin, or if your scar is visible, your cosmetic surgeon will fill in the incisions before stitching you up. Usually this means creating a doughnut shape where the skin will be "filled in" with skin that will appear larger and fuller; however, if you have very wrinkled skin, or a large scar, filling in the scar can cause a loss of overall volume. This is why you must absolutely trust your cosmetic surgeon to fill in your skin if it appears wrinkled and enlarged. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing so if it enhances your appearance!

Liposuction, on the other hand, involves the surgical removal of fatty deposits under the skin, as well as additional procedures such as reshaping the breasts, stomach, and waist. While liposuction is performed completely on your own body, this procedure does require that you trust your cosmetic surgeon to perform the upper arm liposuction so that your scars do not show. As mentioned earlier, the recovery time is significantly shorter when compared to arm fat removal. You may find yourself having to wear a support shirt for a period of time following the procedure. Also, you may be advised to use natural supplements to help speed up your metabolism and make you feel healthier. Once your scars fade and your skin begins to improve, your surgeon will be able to schedule you back for another upper arm surgery.

Although this type of cosmetic procedure has benefits including a great deal of self-confidence, it can also be quite expensive. For most people, this is money that they are not comfortable spending on their body. If money is an issue for you, consider looking into a less invasive procedure. This option may include the less invasive arm lift, or it may involve you having an armpit tattoo. If you decide to get an arm lift, however, it is best to consult with a plastic surgeon in Encino who has performed numerous such procedures because you may find that the tattoo will interfere with the final results of your procedure.

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